Songwriter Paul O’Connor lands first single released on Little River Band’s new CD–Cuts Like A Diamond

‘The Lost And The Lonely’– a patriotic tribute to our nation’s veterans.


Getting a song placement in Film and TV

Dear songwriter-artist, rumor has it you’ve finished your album or EP.  Congrats!  Hopefully you wrote lots of songs and then recorded only the best and your recording is top notch.  Now, question is, how to get a song placement in film and tv, or a commercial.  Maybe, you know somebody?  It’s hard to beat ‘who you know’ to get a door opened.  Or, at least you’ve read an article on getting songs placed in film and tv.  Good!  Now for the ‘in the trenches’ application of all that book learning—the S & M of the music biz.

Yea, S & M, sales and marketing, but feels like something sado masochistic right?  Researching music supervisors.  What projects they’re working on.  What they’re looking for etc. Most creative type loathe this.  And then getting the ‘glad hand’ responses—“Yea, sure, send me a CD!”…”But I sent you one last year”…”Oh!…well send another!”  By the way, you don’t happen to have anything that’s like a 40’s Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy?….

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